• Incomparable advantages of container houses


    Container houses can create various three-dimensional shapes, so they are now widely used in various simple buildings and artistic buildings. 1.Simple structure and easy assemble The container houses ...

  • Made a living container house


    A residential container is a house that can be used for living. There are many construction sites all over the world, but most of the workers are migrant workers. How to solve the problem of workers' ...

  • Living Container House


    The living container house is a kind of prefab house. Because it is entirely made of steel, it has the ability to resist earthquakes and deformations. At the same time, the strict manufacturing proces...

  • Development of living container houses


    Today's living container houses have developed rapidly throughout the country. Since the advent of living container houses, they have been welcomed by people. They are easy to install and durable in u...

  • Container house classroom


    Container houses have become the future development of foreign countries. Container houses have incomparable advantages over traditional buildings. The container room classroom is now a new type of bu...

  • Prefab house meeting room


    On January 26, China Construction Group held a project promotion meeting on blocking coronavirus hospitals in a prefab house to help Wuhan. What is a prefab house? What are the advantages? The buildin...

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