Container house advantage

Update:28 11, 2020
Abst: The interior of the container office room is fully decorated, just like the ord...
  1. The interior of the container office room is fully decorated, just like the ordinary office room you usually see.
  2. The container office has no special requirements for the site. If there is no need to combine the use site without foundation treatment, even the muddy ground can be placed in a container house. The box can be used immediately after being transported to the site and connected to an external power supply. There is no need for on-site installation of electricity.
  3. The container house can be moved quickly at any time Only a forklift can be moved as a whole at a short distance, and only a flatbed trailer and a forklift can be moved as a whole over a long distance.
  4. Zhongnan containers have a service life of at least 15 years, and can be used repeatedly without disassembly and assembly. No material loss After a project is completed in two years, it can be relocated to another new project in whole or in part immediately, so that at least 7 projects can be done without repeating additional construction. This is more economical than buying and building other temporary housing facilities repeatedly.
  5. The provincial design of container houses is based on the design of outdoor housing and office There are certain design considerations in terms of heat insulation, wind resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, leakage resistance, and environmental protection. In our office boxes, customers also use container houses in cold and windy regions such as northern Russia.

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