How to choose the materials of the living container house(residential container house)?

Update:17 07, 2020
Abst:The residential container house in Suzhou has the characteristics of industriali...

The residential container house in Suzhou has the characteristics of industrialized production, with the characteristics of changeable, simple and efficient buildings.

  1. Wallboard thickness

Under normal circumstances,  containers are made of high-quality sandwich panels. The division of the panels is made of steel plates of a certain thickness, and the middle is filled with materials such as rock wool, EPS, and glass wool. The thickness of the steel plate determines its weighing capacity. If the material thickness of the wall panel is not enough and the quality is not good, the built house will be deformed or even collapsed. However, our Zhongnan container manufacturer will give customers professional advice, and customers can choose the thickness and sandwich material according to their needs.

  1. Filling material

The filling material has a heat preservation effect, and the glass wool sandwich panel material has a good heat preservation, heat insulation and fire protection effect. However, some manufacturers use fluctuating sandwich cotton in order to save costs, but this can reduce the overall performance impact of the container. The above are the most important materials for residential container houses. At the same time, hiring professional workers to install will achieve a multiplier effect.

Before you buy a container house, you must keep your eyes open and don't suffer a big loss for a little profit. Suzhou Zhongnan container house manufacturers have always adhered to the principle of quantity first, selling various container houses to all over the world.

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