Container house for student accommodation

Update:11 09, 2020
Abst:With the increase in the enrollment rate and the large population flow today, co...

With the increase in the enrollment rate and the large population flow today, container mobile houses are needed to solve the problem of tight student accommodation.

Some schools do not have enough dormitories on campus and provide housing for students. They can only provide dormitory buildings off campus. It may take half an hour to get to the school, which is very inconvenient and unsafe. Or renting out by yourself is very detrimental to the management of the school. Only by providing a large number of dormitories can this problem be completely solved. Some school dormitories are built in mines, and there are not enough dormitories to meet the needs of students. This situation can be changed through our container mobile house. This kind of house is easy to assemble and is suitable for all kinds of terrain. It does not matter in mountainous areas. It is also not troublesome to move afterwards. These materials, such as bricks and cement, can no longer satisfy us. Color steel, sandwich panels, and light steel are more creative, safe and comfortable. The students can live in it like a fish in water, very comfortable.

We design to make you rest assured that the materials are excellent, not cold in winter and hot in summer, and container mobile houses are luxuriously enjoyable. Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the container house industry for more than ten years, and the quality is guaranteed. Everyone is welcome to come and buy.


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