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Update:09 01, 2020
Abst:Today is January 9, 2020, our customers fly from New Zealand to China to our fac...

Today is January 9, 2020, our customers fly from New Zealand to China to our factory inspection. We welcome them very much, and the customers came to our factory to see our production process and expressed their admiration. Large automatic spraying line, automatic laser cutting machine, automatic welding, automatic correction device, automatic painting and polishing. The automatic spraying line uses electrostatic spraying, which has the advantages of uniform powder output, high powder loading rate, and convenient color change. At the same time, customers praise the sample boxes, such as assemble container house and flat pack container house in our workshop. It can prolong the volume of the articles and prevent them from being corroded and eroded.

After that, we remind our friends at home and abroad that China's Spring Festival is approaching, and the sea freight will increase after the end of the year and will be out of stock. Please wait patiently and we will provide you with a reasonable plan.


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