• Teaching With a Container School


    Container schools are often seen in a very utilitarian context. These schools have a very limited teaching method, based around the construction of a classroom out of plastic. The container that they ...

  • What are the principles of building container houses


    Because the container products produced by container manufacturers have excellent performance in all aspects, and the construction period of using containers to build houses, many projects can be comp...

  • Importance of container house quality


    The steel structure of the container house is the most widely used temporary housing reconstruction. The skeleton of the movable room is a steel structure, but its foundation is not like this. Almost ...

  • Why do some tourist attraction choose container houses


    Container houses are mainly used in various distribution centers, and its market reserves are getting higher and higher. Manufacturing production is increasing year by year, which to some extent shows...

  • Disinfect and cleaning when live in a container house


    Why do container houses need to be cleaned and disinfected? Healthy living starts from the surrounding area. Here, I will tell you that steam cleaning of container houses mainly uses high temperature ...

  • Keys and details of container building renovation


    When it comes to containers, what everyone thinks of is the carts that carry goods. In fact, the role of containers is not only to transport goods, but it can also be used as container buildings such ...

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