• Prefab House - The Ultimate Home Furniture


    Prefab House for worker camp is one of the best solutions if you are looking for temporary living space. It is suitable for any kind of worker, seasonal worker, or short term workers. Prefab house mak...

  • Shipping Modular Container Homes Made Easy


    Modular container houses are manufactured in a factory and then shipped in pieces. Once the manufacturing process is over, they are disassembled and re-assembled at the site. These houses are manufact...

  • Why Choose a Flat Pack Container House?


    The flat pack container house commonly known as the flat pack house, is a type of prefabricated, which include galvanized metal frame system and wooden sandwich panel that are easily insulated with ep...

  • The Difference Between Rock Wool Sandwich Panel and Epoxy Skirting Panels


    Rock wool sandwich panels are usually made up of two outer metal sheets (usually steel or aluminum) and high quality basalt as inner core insulation. Because of the great fire and thermal conductivity...

  • Modular Container House - A Good Option For Shipping Containers


    Located at Suzhou, Suzhou Zhongnan Light Steel Structure is a well experienced China Modular Container House manufacturers, known for their quality craftsmanship. The best feature about the entire con...

  • Modular Container House - Advantages of Building Prefab Homes


    If you are looking at living in a modular home that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly, then why not construct a prefabricated steel or wood container home? It's much cheaper to buy a...

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