The Benefits of Using a Prefab House Over a General Contractor

Update:09 07, 2021
Abst:A Prefab House is a custom made, off-the-shelf modular housing that is delivered...

A Prefab House is a custom made, off-the-shelf modular housing that is delivered to the client's premises ready for assembly and installation. Prefabricated houses, also known as prefab or prebuilt homes, are expert living types of prefab buildings, that are made off-site prior to construction, usually in standard modules that can easily be disassembled and shipped. Prefab houses come with all standard equipment and are designed to be simple yet cost-efficient solutions for temporary living arrangements. Such off-site housing offers a number of advantages over on site constructions, one such advantage is the use of off site construction materials. The use of modular construction reduces the costs involved in material and labor while reducing development costs and waste.

Prefab houses are built by means of a process called "box flow" that has several advantages over on site construction. "Box flow" is a manufacturing method that makes use of computer-aided design (CAD) software to specify the interior and exterior details of a manufactured home. Prefab factory built homes or modular homes are more economical to build than traditional construction methods and have a more expeditious time-to-market. But are there disadvantages?

There are two major advantages to using a factory-built home over a stick-built house, one being its reduced construction time. Prefab homes can be put together within a few weeks, significantly simplifying the construction process and ensuring that each module comes out in the same shape and size. Another advantage to a prefab home is that it can provide for more people, especially if the modules are assembled according to individual vendor's instructions. Prefab house manufacturers can also offer more energy efficient designs, therefore saving both money and energy.

Although the savings in construction time may seem negligible, another advantage is that prefab house manufacturers often maintain ownership of the entire building site. This gives them the ability to offer competitive prices on labor and material, as well as access to key outside expertise. In contrast, many stick-built homes may need to hire a localractor, carpenter or electrician to complete the construction process. In addition, an architect will not be on hand to help choose the appropriate materials and other specifications for the home's foundation, plumbing, insulation and mechanical systems.

Many people have the mistaken idea that prefab homes require less maintenance than stick built homes. The truth is that most stick-built homes require at least some painting, staining and waterproofing, and occasionally re-sealing. Prefab homes can usually be fully sealed in their factory setting, unlike their on site counter parts, eliminating any problems with seeping moisture.

Another benefit of using modular components is the fast construction times afforded. Prefabrication allows builders to take advantage of economies of scale by utilizing existing manufacturing processes to speed up the production of the units. While stick-built homes may take anywhere from three to eight months to construct, prefab homes can be put together in a matter of weeks. As a result, the time saved can be used to address other aspects of the project, such as hiring workers, purchasing materials and completing necessary permits. In addition, the modular nature of the units makes it easier to integrate the interior and exterior designs of the home into one complete look.

Yet another benefit of using a manufacturer instead of a conventional construction company is the specialized quality of the product. Since the manufacturer already has all the tools and equipment needed to complete the foundation works, there are no delays in the fabrication or installation process. Rather than having to wait until the necessary foundation works are in place, the manufacturer is able to complete the entire project in one fell swoop. Since the manufacturer controls every aspect of the fabrication, there is no need for you to personally oversee each stage of the process. In many instances, the manufacturer will be able to handle all technical installations, saving you the time and cost of having a person to do the work personally.

Finally, there are significant cost savings afforded when using a manufacturer instead of a general contractor. A general contractor typically only specializes in the construction of residential structures. However, by using a manufacturer they will also be handling all necessary foundation works, electrical and plumbing systems, flooring, trim, landscaping and more. Even though they will charge you for the technical installations that they perform, they will often be able to get the job done faster, meaning that your home will be on the market sooner. When the time comes to sell your home, you will be showing your house to potential buyers, not just homeowners who were forced to foreclose on their home due to circumstances out of their control.

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