Rock Wool Sandwich Panels

Update:23 07, 2021
Abst:The rock wool sandwich panel is highly efficient, lightweight, durable and safet...

The rock wool sandwich panel is highly efficient, lightweight, durable and safety while fulfilling all the criteria of construction insulation, noise insulation and fire resistance. After extensive global application, the product has now perfected and achieved the objectives of better quality, maximum performance, reliability and safety. It has become one of the most demanded insulation materials. Its use in various applications is gaining worldwide popularity because of its cost effectiveness, high performance and long term durability. This is one of the main reasons it is extensively used in the United States as well as other European countries.

The main function of the rock wool sandwich panel is to provide superior quality sound insulation which is required in various applications. The sandwich panels are constructed from polystyrene foam or polystyrene pellets which are then fitted into polystyrene sheets which are manufactured by some of the well known manufacturers. The insulation thus produced is not only fire resistant, but also soundproof.

There are a number of advantages of using the rock wool sandwich panel in insulation. The panel makes a perfect sound insulation layer. Its fire retardant properties and resistance to both decay and attack help in making this a perfect solution for the installations in attics, basements and crawl spaces. The steel plate used for the construction of the blanket is generally made from steel, aluminum or copper.

There are various measures which need to be followed in order to install the blanket effectively. It should be thick enough as it is important for preventing the expansion of the thermal mass. The thickness should be at least four times of that of the cross-sectional area. The thickness should be adjusted after considering the insulation requirements of the building structure and the climatic conditions.

In addition to its fire resistance qualities, the rock wool sandwich panel also provides excellent insulation. The steel sheets used for constructing the panel are usually galvanized or coated with aluminum or copper for additional fire resistance. In addition to its fire resistance qualities, it has excellent thermal conductivity properties. The maximum temperature rise which is experienced while installing this blanket is twenty-five degrees centigrade. This is a result of the expansion factor of the heated material.

In the manufacture of the blanket, polyurethane is added as a component of the fabric during the processing stage. The polyurethane ensures the lubricity of the core materials and its non-corrosion property. The polyurethane is mixed with wax polyurethane in the later stage of the production process. The rock wool core material is then inserted into the hollow steel panels by using a die head. The manufacturing cycle of the blanket then consists of mixing the polyurethane with the steel sheets and the finishing operation.

The thickness of the blanket can be adjusted as per the application requirements. It is available in various thicknesses which are in accordance with the usage patterns. The thickness should be in accordance with the usage pattern and the level of fire protection required for the application. The blanket with a core material of one inch, one and half inch, two inches, three inches, four inch, five inches, six inch and seven-inch thicknesses will serve all the applications except the emergency use.

Rock wool sandwich panels are manufactured in different specifications according to the specification specified by the customers. The most preferred specifications include the R-value, thermal conductivity and the electrical insulation coefficient. These specifications ensure that the blanket meets the customers' demands. They can be easily found online as the websites offer comprehensive information about the blanket and its products.

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