Container: Container housing installation standards

Update:15 11, 2022
Abst:The container house can be moved quickly at any time. Only a forklift can be mov...
The container house can be moved quickly at any time. Only a forklift can be moved close to the whole, only a forklift and flatbed trailer can be moved over long distances.

The container house has no special requirements for the site. If you do not need to use the combination, the container housing placement site does not need to do foundation treatment, even if it is mud can also be, the box to the site after put down on the external power supply can be used immediately, there is no any on-site installation of electricity needs.

The interior of the container house is fully furnished, just like the common office room you usually see. The common configuration is: 2 built-in lamps, 3 sockets (one of which is a special socket for air conditioning), have been pre-installed, only need to use the container housing comes with the external connection cable and external main power connection can be used safely. The interior is completely renovated, and the external power supply can be connected, so that air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs can be built in and used immediately.

The life span is at least 15 years, and it can be used and moved repeatedly without disassembling and assembling, without material loss. Assuming a project calculated on the basis of 2 years, done, can be immediately relocated in whole or in part to another new project location, so that at least 7 projects can be done, without repeating another construction.

Long life container housing installation standards.

1, the steel structure parts installation to meet the standard requirements, the need to weld the location do not miss, and do not weld a mistake, resulting in the late unstable or even cracking.

2, the wall should be installed horizontally and vertically, inlay seams should be dense and smooth, the depth and width of the seam is the same, the board surface can not be damaged.

3, if the interior needs to wallpaper, to ensure smooth and bubble-free, neat.

4, ceiling assembly flat seam straight, gap seam consistent, wallpaper clean and clean, board surface shall not have broken site, the wallpaper surface damage in transit should be repaired.

5, floor paving should be seated ash, the board surface has cracks in the floor plate is prohibited to install and use.

6, cement or fine stone concrete surface should be dense and compacted, no cracks, peeling, sand, hollow drum and other defects.

7、Asbestos tiles need to be laid with the wind in accordance with the characteristics of the local wind direction, and keep the eaves straight, the tiles shall not have cracks, asbestos tiles vertical lap length of not less than 100mm, horizontal lap in the wave tile not less than one wave, small wave tile not less than two waves, tile hook for each asbestos tile for two fixed points, tile hook should be tightened moderately, the roof shall not have water leakage.

8, the container activity room white tin gutter joint welding solid, the joint shall do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment, the gutter should be no water, there shall be no water leakage phenomenon, water pipe installation vertical firm, holding hoop spacing 1300mm a.

9、Doors and windows are installed accurately and fastened with bolts.

10、Container housing can be moved and recycled anytime and anywhere.
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