How to choose the quality of container housing

Update:07 11, 2022
Abst:Container in order to better meet the different needs of the demanders in terms ...
Container in order to better meet the different needs of the demanders in terms of housing, there is a high degree of adaptability in residential modelling, in the face of the different residential needs of the demanders, the container can be created through the designer to design the content of the housing, on the basis of meeting the needs of traditional housing, but also to better meet the standard needs of human life, to improve the effectiveness of the container housing content provides a more powerful guarantee. The following gives you a few container housing materials.

1. container container in the market of activity board house, has the characteristics of low price, light weight, easy to build, belongs to the simple light body activity house. In the function of the unique effect of waterproof, fireproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion. The panels are made of polyphenylene sandwich material technology, which can well achieve the effect of heat insulation. Container size standard is generally 5 meters wide, 12 meters long, weighing two tons, usually used to build temporary housing for construction units.

2. bamboo container bamboo container is woven by the put dry bamboo, belong to the activity of the container. Bamboo container no fixed size, the specific construction size are based on their own needs for construction preparation. This container is light and convenient, easy to move, usually use cycle are up to 5-10 years, is a lot of duck farmers love.

3. cement container cement container is generally used to build a variety of construction site office, civilian workers dormitory, flat roof, warehouse, etc.. Its load-bearing system is a steel structure system, safe and reliable, the walls used double-layer wire mesh structure, lightweight insulation materials and high-grade cement prefabricated composite panels, the top surface using the mechanism of cement tile, the external wall surface using color water brush surface, the internal wall surface by the senior plastic pattern wallpaper for decoration, indoor by the aluminum keel plasterboard ceiling, with beautiful and novel, transportation and installation, convenient and quick characteristics.
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