What is the knowledge of container waterproof and thermal insulation?

Update:26 08, 2022
Abst:First of all, let's analyze the types of containers. There are three main types ...
First of all, let's analyze the types of containers. There are three main types of containers: iron-top white boxes, white-top white boxes and iron boxes. These three types of containers have different performances in terms of waterproof and thermal insulation.

Among them, the container roof and surrounding wall panels of the white top and white box are made of sandwich panels, which are relatively poor in waterproof and thermal insulation performance. Because the roof is prone to water accumulation, and the sealant applied to the gap is easy to fail , a combination of factors leads to the situation that the container of the white top and white box type will leak water when it encounters rainy weather after a period of use.

In the cold weather in winter, if there is still rain, it will make people feel particularly cold, and it will be unbearable for people to freeze. The iron top white box and iron box type containers have relatively better waterproof performance. The iron box and iron box white box type container roof has one more top frame and roof than the white top white box type container roof. The structure of the roof is more conducive to drainage, which can effectively prevent the existence of water accumulation and reduce the impact of rainy weather.

At the same time, the structure of the roof and the sandwich panel ceiling makes the situation of indoor water leakage generally not occur, and people can live more comfortably.
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