What are the advantages of container houses?

Update:10 10, 2022
Abst:Container house is a movable and detachable temporary building, which is current...
Container house is a movable and detachable temporary building, which is currently widely used in construction site housing, temporary shops, temporary housing, etc. With the progress of urban construction and the acceleration of housing construction, the usefulness of prefab houses is becoming more and more prominent. The appearance of the prefab has brought good news to the workers at the construction site. They can quickly move into the prefab dormitory and have a safe place to live. With the progress of mobile homes, the quality of mobile home products has been continuously improved, and the temporary housing on construction sites has been greatly improved.

Before the appearance of container houses, a series of problems caused by congenital deficiencies of mobile house products, such as poor sound insulation, poor heat insulation, poor thermal insulation, poor fire protection, etc., could not be well solved. Compared with the general mobile house, the container house has obvious advantages, such as good sound insulation effect, good fire resistance, strong durability, wind resistance and earthquake resistance. With the emergence of container houses, the indoor configuration of mobile rooms has been greatly improved. The appearance of air conditioners has ensured the comfort of indoor conditions, and the fireproof and thermal insulation materials have been guaranteed.

Although the price of container houses is much more expensive, container houses can be rented, so the cost of short-term use is much cheaper than that of ordinary mobile houses. These factors have forced other types of prefabs to continue to innovate, and the materials used have been greatly improved, so that the prefabs built and performance have been greatly improved. The overall mobility of container houses ensures the recycling and recycling of container houses, which is in line with the current trend of environmental protection and sustainable development. Environmentally friendly and economical activity room with easy installation and disassembly.

The so-called container house is also a kind of prefab house. The modern home design concept introduced, using steel plates, sandwich panels, bolts, aluminum fittings, concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, glass, paint and other materials to be refined and refined through a standard process, an integrated prefab house with ready-to-use, It can be moved anytime, anywhere, recycled anytime, anywhere, recycled, environmentally friendly, beautiful, economical, fast, etc. Features 1. Mobility: removable and reusable. 2. Rapid construction: short manufacturing period and free foundation. 3. Properties: steel structure, windproof and shockproof. 4. Durability: The outer wall of the steel plate is corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, does not rust or cracks, and has a service life of more than 10 years. 5. Sound insulation and heat insulation: It adopts air insulation design, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation. 6. Aesthetics: Various modeling designs can be made, the outer wall has many designs and colors, and the appearance is bright and beautiful. Container house is a kind of prefab house. This kind of container house is mainly rented to workers at the construction site, and there are also some cases of private purchase and rental. The biggest advantage of container houses is that they are cheap.
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