The production process of special container

Update:24 11, 2022
Abst:Special container has five parts, namely:front end, back end, bottom frame, top ...
Special container has five parts, namely:front end, back end, bottom frame, top plate and side plate. Special container production process is divided into four main processes, namely, stamping, welding, painting and finishing.
1. Stamping: including uncoiling, grinding, falling and forming.
(1) uncoiling is to use the uncoiler to uncoil the steel coil into a flat plate.
(2) Grinding: Grinding means impacting the steel surface with fine steel sand at a certain speed to remove the rust spots on the data surface and leave bumpy pits on the steel surface (to increase the paint adhesion).
(4)Forming:Forming parts by bending, pressing, rolling, stamping and cutting edges.
2.Welding:The parts processed in the stamping section are welded to the matching parts such as corner pieces and door hinges to form parts in the welding section. According to the tire position, the welding section can be divided into front end, rear end, side plate, top plate, bottom frame and general assembly.
3. Spraying:Two layers of paint need to be sprayed inside the box and three layers outside the box. Each layer of paint has strict film thickness regulations to ensure that the box paint does not fall off for 3-5 years. So the preparation of the spraying itself is also important, so there is a sanding position specially prepared for spraying before spraying the whole box, so that the whole box can be sprayed.
4. Well completion: The well completion section is a section with intensive tire positions and tight processes. This section can be roughly divided into eight tires:
(1)Flooring:After the box from the drying room cools slightly, the floor is placed in the beam first, then sealant is applied to all places in contact with the wooden floor, and then the floor is laid.
(2)Nail the floor:Wooden flooring with self-tapping screws, drilling holes in the floor and chassis before tightening.
(3)Install nameplate and ventilator.
(4)Install door tape:Embed sealant tape in the door frame to prevent container leakage.
(5)Cleaning:Remove the residual wood chips and iron chips on the floor.
(6)Locking rod installation:Install the locking rod assembly on the door panel.
(7)Sticker:Stick the customer's logo and box number.
(8)Hydraulic test:Carry out hydraulic test and light test to check the sealing of special containers.
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