Five special types of containers

Update:09 10, 2022
Abst:Today's some special containers, in our lives, the use of or less, but in some t...
Today's some special containers, in our lives, the use of or less, but in some terminals, or ports, it is still more use, it can store to a lot of goods, is a good helper to the packaging, the container is one of them, the container in the end into which five special types that? The first: dry container it is also known as the general cargo container, it is the most common container, the main function is to transport ordinary general cargo, suitable for many do not need to adjust the temperature of the goods, because of the universal use, so also called general container.    

The second: bulk container this type of equipment to see the name of its use, it is used to load a variety of powder, granular goods. Because this kind of goods unlike dry cargo containers loaded goods do not need too many requests, they are particularly easy to drift, loss. So the need to install the door of the equipment maintenance.

The third: liquid cargo container this equipment is mainly loaded with liquid goods, such as oil, liquefied gas and other items, these items are very easy to extinguish and explode, so it is relatively high sealing and safety.

The fourth: refrigerated container it will be installed inside a freezer equipment, and the inner wall dressing low thermal conductivity of the material. Because it needs to load refrigerated fresh objects, such as fish goods, fruits and vegetables and other items that are not easy to keep. Fifth: special special container this kind of equipment does not have a complete definition, because it needs to load specific items, such as car container is specially loaded car, in addition to livestock container, because the livestock needs to feed and dung, so specially designed feeding system and ventilation system, and animal skin container, etc., they are specially for a specific item. There are more special containers such as: live-in containers, scenic containers, camping rooms, equipment boxes, storage boxes, transport boxes, shipping boxes, here I will not introduce them all, the specific company all styles and styles of containers can be customized.
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