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Update:26 08, 2022
Abst:Packing house manufacturer and repurposed the structure into an open transparent...
Packing house manufacturer and repurposed the structure into an open transparent volume, coexisting with nature facing the economical choice of building new homes far from the city center or renovating aging colonial houses close to town and putting the Its transformation into a sustainable modern house with views outside was the inspiration for the project and created an opportunity to create a transparent structure and completely redesign the garden and landscaping.

The endless heated swimming pool in the mountains, the luxurious coffee bar, the psychedelic bar and the quiet book bar, the water leisure pavilion, the Zen room, the yoga room... everything is suitable for group building, and it is also a fashion choice for family gatherings, daze vacations, and business meetings. Renovating the landscaping was an important part of the project to create a new container house with terraced garden villas The existing garage was demolished and the vernacular form was extended into the garden to create a new two level transparent entrance and living area with views of the garden and sky The expansive views of the remodeled a closed introverted colonial home and repurposed the structure into an open transparent volume that coexists with nature. It should be noted that in the process of explaining to the other party and after the foundation is completed, the other party must be required to ensure that the level of the foundation surface is within the error, so that the subsequent work process will not be affected. The same as the conventional concrete pouring process, the construction of the mobile house is the same The process procedure cannot be reduced. After the foundation is poured or before the mobile house is installed, sufficient time should be left to allow the concrete to meet the hardness requirements. At the same time, the foundation must be poured together with the indoor ground, and the horizontal height is the same as the foundation, which ensures the installation period. , quality and aesthetics after installation.

If the container house manufacturer is a normal house, it still needs to go through tedious steps such as laying the foundation, measuring, purchasing materials, etc., and the requirements for the installation site are strict. The container module house is usually composed of several main parts. It is necessary to complete the construction task within a short time, and there is no need to invest excessive energy and time in this process. It should be known that users who install such houses are usually in urgent need and cannot wait for a long time, and this rapid construction method can greatly shorten the process.

He believes that the low cost of "container houses" can meet some market needs, and can also reduce people's anger towards society due to high housing prices; solve people who cannot afford housing due to high housing prices or low economic income, as well as part of the floating population Finally, to a certain extent, the housing problem of living on the edge of the city can restrain the phenomenon of excessively rising housing prices.
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