Foundation principles and convenient use of light steel structure container houses

Update:11 06, 2021
Abst:The prefabricated container house is a new concept of environmentally friendly a...

The prefabricated container house is a new concept of environmentally friendly and economical prefabricated container house with color steel plate as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, and the standard module series to stop the space integration, and the components are bolted. The following safety measures should be adopted in the process of setting up a mobile board house container company: the use of steel structure color steel plate mobile house, the structural strength, rigidity and stability, can meet the safety requirements of the construction site.

Although the skeleton of the mobile house is of steel structure, its foundation is not. Part of the foundation is of concrete structure. The hardness of the foundation determines whether special treatment is needed. Laying the foundation is very important for the project.

In order to distinguish the quality of high-quality container mobile houses, it is necessary to understand the appearance of container mobile houses. The manufacturing scale of high-quality container mobile houses meets the standards with small errors. The surface of the box body is coated with even moisture-proof paint, and the connection between the components is strong and stable.

The Zn-house container house has an overall beautiful appearance, bright color, soft texture, flat surface, and good decorative effect. The layout is flexible, doors and windows can be set at any position, and indoor partitions can be set at any horizontal axis. The stairs are set outdoors. The container house manufacturer has a waterproof structure, and the house adopts a structural waterproof design, without any additional waterproofing treatment. According to the needs of customers, the zhongnan can combine space with standard modulus to construct buildings of any size.

Residential containers can be transformed into houses for almost any purpose. It is like a prefabricated space, with different renovation methods according to its use, and a series of living facilities can be easily remodeled. This construction method using prefabricated parts can greatly save construction time, save manpower, and reduce production costs. Resident containers can be relocated multiple times, with a service life of more than 10 years. Spread the cost over 8-10 years, after which the steel can be sold in the form of scrap. Secondly, containers that have been used for more than 10 years are gradually withdrawn from the logistics category due to the high cost of repairs such as paint peeling and deformation of the box. However, these waste and second-hand containers still have the original and intact image after being discarded. After simple cutting and assembly, , Still has regeneration value.

The steel structure materials can be hot-rolled steel sheets or hot-rolled galvanized steels of 2mm~3.5mm. If the customer does not make special requirements, the structure thickness of the residential container is 2.75mm. When the steel is hot-rolled steel sheets, the surface of the steel parts Derust, and then spray two coats of epoxy iron red anti-rust primer with thickness of 30μm and one coat of alkyd topcoat with thickness of 60~70μm. When the steel is galvanized with hot-rolled steel, the zinc layer content is ≥180g, and then one epoxy primer and epoxy intermediate paint with a thickness of 10μm are sprayed, and one alkyd topcoat with a thickness of 60μm is sprayed.

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