What are the types of container houses?

Update:04 08, 2022
Abst:Housing price is a topic that everyone can't avoid. People live a lifetime, they...
Housing price is a topic that everyone can't avoid. People live a lifetime, they may be exhausted for a house, but they have to live. No matter what kind of wind and rain, there will always be a ray of sunshine. Isn't life like this? Closer to home, domestic real estate, depending on the region, the price of each region will be completely different, there are too many reference factors, so I won’t go into details here. And now there is a house that can be built in a very short time without laying a foundation. That is to transform the abandoned container into a new type of house, commonly known as "container house".

Container houses and ordinary houses are structurally different. The main body takes the container as the axis and extends outward. Part of the room or leisure office can be expanded on the original basis. The material also has some reinforcing material supports, which can be quickly disassembled and assembled, which is simple and convenient, and is suitable for some mobility. big crowd. It may be said that the tenure of such a house may be shorter than the tenure of serviced apartment LOFTs and general residential areas. However, as a young lady and a little brother who are working hard outside, you can still consider starting.
In general, the types of such houses are not too complicated, and are divided into three types: traditional, welded and detachable container houses.
1. Traditional container house
This prefabricated house is transformed from a traditional container box. It has the characteristics of firm structure and strong pressure bearing capacity, and can also achieve the purpose of recycling waste containers, so it is favored by many customers.
2. Welded container house
Welded container houses are relatively complete in structure, and this prefabricated part is also a very popular residential container in recent years; in addition, welded Hebi container houses are easy to install and move, and their service life can usually reach more than ten years, and the cost of materials is also low. Relatively low, so mobile homes have certain uses in various places.
3. Detachable container house
Detachable container houses are often combined with modular production techniques. Through this technology, prefabricated homes can be modularized and disassembled, and then the parts are turned into corresponding modular parts and transported to the application site for assembly. The use of this kind of prefab house can effectively reduce the transportation cost of customers, and at the same time can better speed up the installation and disassembly of the prefab house, so the prefab house has been widely used in different construction sites.
Life is not just a house, it is happiness. There are many options, just choose the one that suits you. Compared with other types of houses, container houses are imperfect in some aspects and still have limited public acceptance, but they also have some advantages of their own, such as quick assembly, affordable price, and good sound insulation.
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