Why containers can be used as commercial shops

Update:07 09, 2022
Abst:Advantages of containers as commercial shops:1. Environmental protection: The co...
Advantages of containers as commercial shops:

1. Environmental protection: The container has been re-processed and transformed, and it has radiated new vitality. Heavy-duty steel structures have great advantages in structural stability or risk resistance, so they are transformed into container shops, container homestay hotels, container sales offices, container commercial streets, etc., and no construction waste will be generated during the transformation process. , garbage, and therefore very environmentally friendly.

2. Movable: Container shops can be moved and relocated at any time, wherever the rent is high, and it is not affected by rectification and force majeure. In recent years, the government has mainly promoted the night economy. During the two sessions, it was clearly stated that the "street stall economy" and "outdoor economy" were released. The advantages of using containers as night markets are undoubtedly obvious.

3. The appearance is changeable and the shape is fashionable: the unique appearance of the container industry style can be tough, artistic, trendy, fashionable, electronic music style, graffiti, fashion, luxury, and grounding. It is deeply loved by investors and many tourists, and the Internet celebrity can't stop to check in and take pictures~

4. Unified planning and unified management: The impression of street stalls and night markets has long been easy to cause misunderstandings of "chaos" and "bad". Moving the "street stall economy" and "night market economy" into a uniformly designed container not only has a very good overall shape. Strong, unified style, and can also strengthen management, open the container to add outside tables and chairs when it is open, close the container when it is not in business, put away the outside tables and chairs, and return to normal in an instant. 5. Cost saving and more economic benefits: the price of ordinary shops is often one million, the investment is large, and the risk is high. There are only more than 10,000 container shops, and the amount is only one-fifth of the ordinary shops. Moreover, the common area of ​​common shops is large, and the actual use area is often smaller. However, the container shops have external swing and upstairs areas for use, and the actual utilization rate of 15 square meters of shops is as high as about 90%. This article is organized and published by Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.:
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