Why Container Houses/ Prefab Houses Are Widely Used?

Update:28 07, 2022
Abst:Nowadays, the development of the construction industry is very fast, and the tem...

Nowadays, the development of the construction industry is very fast, and the temporary houses used are also constantly upgrading and changing. In the past, the temporary houses used are movable prefab houses. But now, most of the temporary houses are mainly container houses made of rock wool fireproof sandwich panels. This kind of container houses are safe with good quality. Of course, the usage time is longer with the advantages of easy installation, convenient to assemble and transportation.


At present, container houses/ prefab houses are mostly used in construction sites and offices. A small number of them are used in shops. Temporary rest houses and home-stays. Living container houses can provide users a good living environment. Container houses can be made into independent toilet, private bathrooms, kitchen and other function houses. In a word, it can meet the needs of peoples daily life.

The main reasons for the wide use of container houses/ prefab houses are:

1. Cost saving.

For example, most construction sites choose container houses, mainly because of its low cost. The price is not expensive whether to buy or rent. 1 house can accommodate 4 to 8 people. It should be noted that although the container house can be flat transported, the transportation cost should also be considered. So we suggest customers to choose a manufacturer with a shorter distance.

2. Recyclable.

Container houses/ prefab houses are recyclable and can be moved to the next construction site after the construction is completed. Therefore, the using time of container houses is long. It can reach 10-15 years.


3. Easy to use.

The installation period of container house is short and can be completed in a short time. Because the installation process of the container houses/ prefab houses is simple, workers can install or assemble directly. Do not need professional technical requirements. So it is convenient to install, which is the reason why so many construction industry or individuals prefer to use container houses/ prefab houses. 

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