The container adopts modular design

Update:26 08, 2022
Abst:The container adopts modular design and large-scale production, with the box as ...
The container adopts modular design and large-scale production, with the box as the basic module, which can be used independently, and can also generate a wide application indoor space according to the different composition of the horizontal and vertical orientations, and the vertical orientation can be stacked. The module structure of the box body is a standard prefabricated component made of unique channel steel welded by electric welding. The box and the box are connected by screws. The structure is simple and the installation is time-saving and labor-saving. It can be used for real estate development enterprise real estate sales exhibition hall, commodity sales exhibition hall, temporary hospitality management center, commercial service temporary company office, shop surface, etc.

With the acceleration of the development process of my country's modern society and the reform and innovation of the market economy, the process of "urbanization" is also accelerating. More and more people find that housing is one of the difficulties they encounter in their life, and the "living" of "food, clothing, housing and transportation" is not only the fundamental standard of everyone's survival, but also the goal of everyone's life and a happy life. of assurance. Little do they know that the expensive house prices in big cities make the middle- and low-income people in big cities "expect houses and sighs", how much they look forward to having their own residence. The occurrence of container housing makes us look forward to dealing with huge house prices in big cities.
    Since China's reform and opening up, my country's economy has developed rapidly, and large-scale urbanization construction has been carried out, and this process will continue for 20-30 years. During this period, various fields of all walks of life are in the high development trend. In the construction process of many permanent buildings, buildings, roads, bridges and transportation facilities, etc., a lot of temporary work is required in the future application process. In addition, in the fields that require field work and outdoor work for a long time, temporary houses that meet different regulations are required for emergency needs, disaster relief, and peak tourism and festivals. Therefore, all kinds of temporary buildings should be born from time to time. With the progress of the times, the improvement of labor standards, and the need to build a harmonious society, our country has high regulations on the improvement of the safety, availability and settlement standards of temporary buildings. Containers are used as temporary buildings in many engineering construction sites. In addition, with the improvement of design and manufacturing standards, the safety factor and comfort of container houses are gradually improved, and the core concept of container application has gradually gained social development. Agreed, the utilization rate has been greatly improved.
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