Container House/Prefab House Is The Need Of Developing Green Building

Update:01 07, 2022
Abst:With the rapid development of the economy, the serious impact on the world envir...

With the rapid development of the economy, the serious impact on the world environment is gradually exposed. Traditional buildings can not meet the requirements of green economic development.

Traditional buildings not only consume a lot of resources during construction but also have a great impact on the living environment during long-term use.

According to the information, existing buildings in our country are basically energy-consuming buildings. And the amount of buildings is on the rise, the growth rate is very fast. Its bad for the strategy of "sustainable development" put forward by the modern society's development goals.

The excess energy consumption will also bring irreparable damage to China's ecological environment. Under this situation, the development of green buildings is a real challenge.

At present, energy conservation and emission reduction, and maintaining ecological balance, is an urgent needs for us. 

As a new construction material and structure, a living container house is characterized by a short production cycle, convenient transportation, lightweight, safety and environmental protection, strong plasticity, land saving and energy saving, and free movement, disassembly, recycling, and utilization. Fully meet the requirements of green building development in China.

Living container house/residential container house can be arbitrarily modular in the three-dimensional space (below three floors) according to the user requirements. 

It can be designed as side-by-side offices, residential villas, personal overlaps, and hotels. Container house/prefab house is beautifully designed, modular design, strong art appreciation. It can also design different styles of houses according to the needs of clients, as well as choose medium, high-end, and low-end configurations according to personal economic strength.

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