The Difference Between Rock Wool Sandwich Panel and Epoxy Skirting Panels

Update:30 09, 2021
Abst:Rock wool sandwich panels are usually made up of two outer metal sheets (usually...

Rock wool sandwich panels are usually made up of two outer metal sheets (usually steel or aluminum) and high quality basalt as inner core insulation. Because of the great fire and thermal conductivity, rock wool core filled panels are widely used for thermal and acoustic applications. The thickness of the core depends on the application requirement. This type of thermal and acoustic insulator also works as sound absorbent.


Zn-house standard Rock wool sandwich panel has a steel plate with a hexagonal pattern and has been fabricated using fiberglass. Fiberglass has better thermal conductivity. The installation procedures are simple and do not require welding.

To install this type of insulated panels, one has to take care of the following factors: The base should be strong enough to hold the plate surface tightly. It is better to use high quality stainless steel instead of low quality aluminium or copper. If the base is not strong enough, it will be seriously damaged. Therefore, before you install the panels, you need to discuss with the support team about the required support system.

One important thing to be considered during installation is the presence of protective film. Since these panels are not very thick, they easily get affected by the effects of weather, chemicals and abrasion. Therefore, the protective film should be of high quality and thick enough to prevent the panels from getting damaged. If the protective film is not present or if it is thin or not properly applied, then the rock wool panels will not perform their optimal performance.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, proper ventilation is another important factor that influences the performance of a Rock wool Sandwich Panel. There are many advantages of using this kind of insulated panels in production line. These are easy to manufacture as well as suitable for use in applications where heat is required. They are also used in furnaces, boilers, diesel generators, storage buildings, pipe manufacturing, shipyards and metal finishing industry. These are manufactured using thermal roll forming process and sheet metal manufacturing techniques. Thus, they are cost-effective and they increase the energy efficiency in your factory.

To make rock wool sandwich panel production efficient, the raw materials should be collected at the right place and the production line should be set up according to the required specifications. You have to keep in mind that the raw materials should be at the right temperature and moisture content. This will help you to manufacture the panels with higher efficiency and reduce wastage of the raw materials. If you want to increase the production efficiency of your factory, then you need to follow some of the tips given below.

Increase the production efficiency of your Rock wool Sandwich Panel manufacturing line with the help of appropriate insulation methods. For increasing the production rate and decreasing the cost, it is better to use high quality of insulation materials. Use high quality of polyurethane or polystyrene foam in the sandwich panels. It can prevent internal sound absorption. Moreover, it can also maintain the external temperature constant and increase the lifespan of the sandwich panel.

Increase the production rate and improve the productivity by using high-quality of foam and polyurethane in the sandwich panels. The thickness of the fiber should be increased from five to ten times its original thickness. The thickness should be increased depending upon the application requirements. In order to manufacture a good quality Rock wool sandwich panel, the required amount of insulation should be applied properly.

The optimum temperature for producing rock wool panels should be around 50 degrees Celsius. This would increase the life span of the fabric. To get the optimum thickness, it is important to apply coating to the surface of the fabric after production. The coating would help to prevent cracking during transportation.

Reduce the manufacturing cost and increase the life span of the fabric by applying a sealing agent to the surface of the panels. Sealing agents are effective as they prevent the dirt from sticking to the surface of the fabric. Also, the application of the sealer would reduce the need of treating the panels. The warranty of the products should be checked carefully before purchasing.

If you are looking for good quality thermal performance products at affordable price, then the Glass wool combined with aluminum foil roofing is a perfect product. This product protects the wooden boards and protects the structure from the damages. The thermal performance is increased and the acoustic transducers are enhanced during production process. They are ideal for heating and cooling systems.

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