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Update:04 06, 2021
Abst:In order to adjust work pressure, create a working atmosphere of passion, respon...

In order to adjust work pressure, create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility and happiness, so that everyone can be better involved in the next work.

The company specially organized and arranged a "two days and one night in the original town" team building activities, aiming to enrich the spare time of employees, further strengthen team cohesion, enhance the unity and cooperation ability between teams, and better serve merchants and customers.

On the afternoon of May 29th, the event officially kicked off. The company organized a series of exciting activities such as two-person tripods, drums and bonfires. The employees gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, not afraid of difficulties, and successfully completed one activity after another.

The scene of the event is both passionate and warm and harmonious. In each event, the employees cooperated tacitly and carried forward the spirit of selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, helping and encouraging each other, and giving full play to the passion of youth.

After the event, everyone raised their glasses of mineral water to toast, and the joy and excitement were beyond words.

This team building activity has strengthened the communication and collaboration between employees, and let everyone deeply realize that the power of a person is limited, the power of a team is indestructible, and the success of a team requires the joint efforts of each of us. !

As the saying goes, monofilament cannot form a thread, and a single tree cannot form a forest! The same piece of iron can be sawed and melted, and it can also be made into steel; the same team can do nothing, and it can also make great achievements. There are various roles in a team, and everyone needs to find their own position, because there is no Perfect individual, only perfect team!

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