How to identify the quality of the container

Update:06 06, 2020
Abst:In recent years, occupant container mobile homes have been widely loved by peopl...

In recent years, occupant container mobile homes have been widely loved by people because of their advantages such as fast construction, low-carbon environmental protection, wind resistance, and earthquake resistance. So today, let's briefly explain how to distinguish the quality of mobile homes and the applicable people.

The container mobile house is mainly composed of steel plate flanges and sandwich panels (the steel plate flanges are used to make the supporting frame, and the sandwich panel is used for the ceiling and walls). The quality of these two materials directly determines the container mobile house The quality is good or bad.

The difference of the steel plate flanged parts is mainly manifested in the thickness, and the bearing capacity is different according to the thickness. Although the cabinets made by various manufacturers seem to have little difference on the surface, some cabinets can be stacked three layers, while some can be stacked two layers, which is the reason.

The sandwich panel is composed of a steel plate and EPS. First, visually check whether the surface of the steel plate is smooth and whether there are pits. Secondly, whether the internal particles of the sandwich plate are uniform. If you observe the sandwich plate on the side, whether the steel plate and EPS are firmly adhered. Whether there is a shedding phenomenon, whether the connection between the male and female ports of the sandwich panel is smooth, and whether there is a warp phenomenon. A good sandwich panel can effectively reduce the risk of fire, and the manufacturer can issue the corresponding certificate of the sandwich panel. This corroborates its performance.


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