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Update:25 09, 2020
Abst:The container house is a new type of mobile house that introduces modern home de...

The container house is a new type of mobile house that introduces modern home design concepts and replaces steel, sandwich panels, aluminum alloy, glass, paint and other materials. It is an integrated mobile house refined through a standard process. It is ready to use. It can be moved anytime and anywhere, recycled anytime and anywhere, recycled, environmentally friendly, beautiful, economical, convenient and other features. The shadows of containers can be seen everywhere in the streets and lanes, in various shapes and colors. But this kind of container today, Zhongnan's new plug-in wave box is about to meet with you. Most of them are Powa containers, which is what we usually call shipping containers. This type of container is mostly welded.

What is a plug-in Powa container? The plug-in corrugated box is the transformation of the assembled box. The wall panels of the ordinary assembledcontainer house are replaced with corrugated sandwich panel. However, professional people are required to install it. Improper operation affects the life of the container. The shipping container house has always been a product with the highest preference from foreign customers. Today, Zhongnan has simplified it. This change will bring great convenience, increase the loading rate and save shipping costs. Generally, welded shipping container house need to be shipped out, which greatly increases the cost of customers. Our assemble  shipping container house also supports customization, which can be customized in color and size.

Suzhou Zhongnan Container Factory is a manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. We will uphold our original aspirations, ensure quality, and forge ahead.

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