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Update:21 08, 2020
Abst:Nowadays,why is the demand for container house increasing? Container house are m...

Nowadays,why is the demand for container house increasing? Container house are mainly because they can be used in various occasions, such as hospitals, workers' housing, shops, etc.

The Huoshenshan Hospital was built using container houses. The flat pack container houses have the advantage of quick installation and convenience. Therefore, the hospital built tens of thousands of wards in just one week. Why do hospitals useflat pack container houses? The top and bottom of the flat pack container houses is a superior technology in the factory, which greatly shortens the construction period.

Now you can see container houses in every corner of the city, there are temporary workers’ houses, as well as small shops, exhibition halls in shopping malls, all over every corner.

Suzhou Zhongnan is an enterprise dedicated to the production and sales of container houses with more than ten years of experience, mainly engaged in various sandwich panels, assembled container houses, flat pack container houses and various customized container houses types. Welcome everyone to come and buy.

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Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, Whatever a single product or complete sets of equipment.

Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of residential container house (foldable container house, flat pack container house, assemble container house, corrugated container house)

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