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Update:11 04, 2020
Abst:The container shop is also called mobile house store, and the wall board is made...

The container shop is also called mobile house store, and the wall board is made of corrugated board. The frame-type structure can be easily moved, and can be used in many forms of use such as pedestrian street shops, street snack bars, street convenience stores, and container coffee bar. The container shop has a firm and stable structure, which can resist earthquakes of grade 5 and typhoons of grade 8, fire and heat insulation, wide view, bright light inside the shop, beautiful appearance and atmosphere. Type, to meet different needs of customers.

Container mobile homes are affordable and quick to produce. A large number of container mobile homes can be produced in a few days, so that people can get the products they want more quickly. Container mobile homes are a new generation of mobile home products, using steel plates, sandwich panels, aluminum fittings, glass, electrostatic spray plastics and other materials have been refined through standard process, with mobile anywhere, ready to use, recycling anytime, anywhere, fast , high efficiency, environmental protection, beautiful, economic, safety and other advantages.

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