The special characteristics of assembled container mobile houses


What are the special characteristics of assembled conta […]

What are the special characteristics of assembled container mobile houses?

1. Integral hoisting series of container houses, rock wool, glass wool, EPS sandwich panel can be used for the wall surface. The entire siding and accessories can be disassembled and packaged, and the installation is simple, suitable for long-distance mass transportation and export shipping. 16 container rooms can be installed in 40-foot containers.

2. The roof, ground, and circuit system are completely superior to the factory, making on-site installation convenient and fast, and converting the time interval from building to use.

3. The basic production volume on site is small, and can be used after being delivered to the site.

4. The house can be recycled and can be used for 20 years without any construction waste.

5. The roof adopts structure waterproof design to enhance the air tightness and water tightness of the house. 6. When the mobile container house leaves the factory, it can be equipped with canopy, stairs and other decorative accessories according to the actual application.

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