How to avoid collapse of mobile homes in use

Update:07 02, 2020
Abst: The construction unit of the mobile house must have the corresponding technica...
  1. The construction unit of the mobile house must have the corresponding technical qualifications, must be a legal enterprise, and have a specific construction plan. In this way, the construction technology level of mobile homes can be guaranteed.
  2. Starting from the raw materials of the container house, the quality of the container house components, color steel plates, beams and columns, and bolts must be guaranteed. In the construction process, if there is a problem with the quality of the components, bolts, beams and columns, they should be replaced immediately.
  3. Use it in accordance with the instructions of the mobile room. For example, the load capacity of the second-floor mobile home is limited to a maximum of several people. Do not exceed the limit, otherwise it will easily collapse.
  4. During the installation of mobile houses, it is necessary to control the construction load of roofs, floors, platforms, etc. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the design drawings and corresponding specifications. Doing so will increase the bearing capacity of mobile houses.
  5. Check the quality of the mobile room every year to see if the supporting bars are rusty or have deteriorated.
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