How to maintain container houses scientifically?


First, rain and sun protection Container houses are gen […]

First, rain and sun protection

Container houses are generally coated with anti-corrosion materials on the surface of the box body, but the corrosion prevention time of the container is limited. If the container house is exposed on the deck for a long time, the surface will also be damaged after continuous exposure and rain, especially In some areas where acid rain often occurs, the acidic substance has been corroding the surface of the container, which will affect the normal use and replacement of the container, and even the best container will soon be damaged.

Second, use professional repair reagents to prevent corrosion after scratching

During daily use and transportation, the container house is easily damaged by scratches, so that the anti-corrosion protective layer on the surface of the extended container is damaged. If the repair is not continued or the extreme weather is encountered, the surface of the container house will be eroded by pollutants , Leading to large-scale replacement of the surface paint so as to corrode the entire cabinet.

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