Worker Container Dormitory

Update:29 05, 2020
Abst:The appearance of the container is clean and neat. Suzhou Zhongnan contracted th...

The appearance of the container is clean and neat. Suzhou Zhongnan contracted the construction of a worker ’s dormitory in Zhejiang, which included many functions such as office, dormitory, shower room, toilet, kitchen, etc., which greatly improved the convenience of workers ’ lives. In addition, the high-quality, short-term characteristics of this project were also well received by the partners and construction workers.

1.Simple and fast installation process

The advantage of using a container house is that it is quick and easy to install and can be reused. The container house can completely solve these problems: each container house can be transported separately and reused; as long as a few workers can complete the installation. In addition, the packaging and transportation of containers are also very convenient, which can greatly save transportation costs.

2.Perfect use function

In this project, Zhongnan container manufacturers not only built dormitories, but also built meeting rooms, management offices, toilets, etc., forming a fully functional building.

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