Which China prefab house is better?

Update:11 09, 2020
Abst:There are many steps in the production of prefab houses. Today we will introduce...

There are many steps in the production of prefab houses. Today we will introduce the steps of installation and production of prefab houses!

The prefabricated house is a kind of green and economic prefabricated house with light steel as the framework, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, and standard modulus series. The components are connected by bolts. The new concept of environmentally friendly and economical prefabricated houses are mainly sold to those living places. Uncertain groups.

What is the price of the activity house and what are the installation steps of the activity house? The price of prefabricated houses in Zhongnan, Suzhou is 200-300 per bungalow, which varies according to geographical differences. The general installation cost is about 20 per square meter.

Installation steps of Suzhou mobile house:

  1. Trenching
  2. The foundation, there are brick-based and concrete-based
  3. Steel frame installation
  4. If it is multi-storey, install prefabricated floor slabs
  5. Color steel plate installation
  6. 6. Door and window installation
  7. Interior decoration

The above is an introduction to the installation steps of Suzhou prefab houses.

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