How to prevent container houses from rusting?

Update:25 07, 2020
Abst:1.Seal the outer wall It is common knowledge that container houses are prone to ...

1.Seal the outer wall

It is common knowledge that container houses are prone to rust when exposed to outdoor environments for a long time. Sealing the periphery of the wall well to prevent humid air from entering the room is also a way to prevent the house from rusting.

2.Use moisture-proof products

The material of the container house is mainly wallboard. The wallboard manufacturers in Zhongnan container house use sandwich panels. The most commonly used is rock wool sandwich panels. Rock wool sandwich panels have the characteristics of moisture resistance, heat preservation and heat insulation. This material can extend the service life of the container house.

3.From the perspective of the structure of the container house, the beams, columns, corner postsand other materials that make up the box are made of thin-wall profiled materials (usually steel plates). Therefore, in order to prevent the corrosion of container house components, the rich performance of the container coating is particularly important. The frame of the Zhongnan container house manufacturer only adopts the process of plastic spraying line, which can prevent rust to a large extent. In addition, it is galvanized.

4.Regular maintenance

Rust can be said to be a key factor affecting the life of a container house. Even if you can follow the above methods, it is impossible to avoid rust. If rust is found on the walls and main components of the container house, rust removal and painting maintenance should be carried out in time.

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