Installation of windows for container mobile homes


The installation of windows for container mobile homes […]

The installation of windows for container mobile homes is an indispensable product for houses. When using container mobile homes as temporary houses, it is also necessary to install windows to become a qualified residence. Then, when building the mobile container house, the window installation position must be reserved in advance, and the window position should also be reasonably reserved according to the actual situation. When reserving windows and installing windows, there are many details that need to be brought to your attention to avoid unnecessary troubles in later use.

1.Window installation of mobile container house

When installing a mobile container house, it is necessary to reserve the window installation position according to the function of the container mobile house to ensure the rationality of the window installation.

2.Installation of windows in container mobile homes

Regardless of whether the window is installed, or the reserved window installation location, the tightness of the installation is required. When reserving the position of the window, the stability of the structure of the container mobile house should be ensured. All bolts, washers and other fasteners used should not be missing or installed. All fasteners should meet the relevant regulations. The installation of windows should also be firm, to avoid loosening of windows during use, which greatly affects the safety of use.

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