Container House Epidemic Prevention Station


The container is a mobile house which provides a high-q […]

The container is a mobile house which provides a high-quality temporary rest station for the staff of the prevention and control checkpoint. Tired and sleepy, let them have room to sleep. Why more epidemic prevention stations choose to use container houses instead of tents. Let's take a look at the advantages of the container house type epidemic prevention station.

The size of a container house is generally 3 meters high, 6 meters long, and 3 meters wide. Multiple container houses can also be combined into a large space. The container house also has excellent features such as convenient disassembly, convenient transportation, strong sealing, earthquake resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and heat insulation. The current weather will be high during the day, but it will drop at night. The container house is comfortable temporary accommodation. Compared to the tent, when the temperature was low at night, the staff shivered and froze. Our staffs are also ordinary citizens, they guard our health, and we have to consider them. This is why more container stations are now used in epidemic prevention stations.

We pay tribute to all the front-line staff. Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of container houses. If you need, please contact us!

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