Coronavirus tips from the experts to help you stay safe

Update:27 03, 2020
Abst: At present, outbreaks in various countries have spread, and the number of infec...

At present, outbreaks in various countries have spread, and the number of infected people is increasing every day, and many people are panicking. The following article will explain how to ensure your safety in the face of the epidemic.

1. Wash your hands

"Do it often and do it properly.

You should wash your hands after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing; if you have had close physical contact with anyone who is unwell; after using the toilet; before and after eating and after you touch a pet.

Experts also say you should wash your hands after visiting public spaces to remove any germs you may have picked up from contaminated surfaces, such as those frequently touched on public transport, in shopping centres or in gyms.

You also need to make sure you wash them thoroughly, which means lathering them up with soap and scrubbing for at least 20 seconds (about the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice) under clean, running water.

2. Sneeze into your elbow

When you cough or sneeze, sneeze into your elbow. Then wash your hands.

3. Don't touch your face

Don't touch your face, get used to not touching your face, even if it itches, please do not touch your face.

"If you need to touch your face, wash your hands first."

4. Practice social distancing

1.5 metres away from everyone whenever that is possible.

At home or with small groups of friends, that means avoid handshaking and other physical greetings; regularly clean shared high-touch surfaces such as tables, kitchen benches and doorknobs; increasing the amount of fresh air in your home by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning, and; buying what you can online so you limit visits to the shop.

5. Stay home if you're sick

Only go out when you're feeling well. Go to work when you're feeling well. Practise good hand hygiene and practise that social distancing at all times. This is critical now.

6. Avoid touching things

Try to keep your hands to yourself and avoid touching surfaces in public places, including public transport, shopping centres and gyms.

In your own home, make sure high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and kitchen benches are sanitized regularly.

Make sure you clean and sanitize the things you use frequently — including mobiles, keys and wallets — often and thoroughly.

7. Don't hoard medicines

Earlier this week, pharmacists were told to dispense only one month's worth of prescription medicines and limit the purchase of some over-the-counter products.

"Please do not buy more than you need for anything."

8. Don't panic-buy food

Don't buy reams and reams of toilet paper, don't stock up on a year's worth of canned goods, and don't strip the shelves bare in supermarkets.

Please just take what you need.

9. Avoid large gatherings

Schools, universities, airports, public transport, medical and emergency services facilities, aged care homes, jails, courts, parliaments, supermarkets and many workplaces are exempt.

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