• China container house manufacturers hope to send recommended isolation rooms to the Philippines


    Xinhua News Agency reported that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is still increasing. In view of the development of the epidemic, the Philippine government has decided to extend the strict c...

  • The future development trend of container houses


    The #mobilecontainer is very simple to build a house, no foundation is needed, and it can be built anytime and anywhere. At present, the decoration design of container mobile houses tends to be modern...

  • China-Pakistan Friendship


    Young people in Pakistan believe that China is a very successful country. "The friendship between our two countries has a long history and is a naturally friendly relationship." Today, we are pushing ...

  • Container shop


    Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure is a company specializing in the production of containers. We have many products, but container shops are our company's new products in 2021. Container shops, also know...

  • Congratulations to the phased victory of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Zhongnan


    In March, the e-commerce foreign trade team won 24 containers. We began to celebrate the small gains. In the future, Zhongnan trade will continue to ride the wind and waves. The epidemic will end soon...

  • Prefab house in Nepal


    First of all, the prefab house is a new type of light steel composite board house, with a reasonable combination of materials and steel structures. A very good safety effect can be achieved. The speci...

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