• How to maintain container houses scientifically?


    First, rain and sun protection Container houses are generally coated with anti-corrosion materials on the surface of the box body, but the corrosion prevention time of the container is limited. If the...

  • What should I pay attention to when container toilet setting up and installing?


    With the development of society in recent years, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, and mobile toilets have also received certain recognition. Nowadays, mobile toilets are b...

  • Dragon Boat Festival


    The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. There are colorful festivals all over the country on the Dragon Boat Festival. There are many customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, and ther...

  • Singapore folding container house delivery


      On June 24, 2020, Singapore goods were packaged and shipped. The customer purchased three shipping container house and used them as workers' dormitories. Folding box has the characteristics of ...

  • Precautions for the use of Zhongnan container houses in summer


    The summer weather is relatively sultry, we need to pay attention to the following when using the Suzhou Zhongnan occupant container: adhere to the opening of the windows and doors, which is conducive...

  • Assemble container house


    With the development of the times, container mobile homes in the temporary construction industry are increasingly used as temporary residences and office spaces in construction sites. There is a new t...

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