What is the reason for the leakage of occupant container houses?


What is the reason for the leakage of occupant containe […]

What is the reason for the leakage of occupant container houses?

The reason for the leakage of container house is mainly caused by the following:

1. During the installation and operation progress of the container house, or stepping on the roof, the fasteners will loosen. The aging of fastener waterproof pads has caused water leakage at the fasteners.

2.Unreasonable selection and aging of waterproof materials in the construction progress of the occupant container mobile house.

3.Opening holes in the panel of the movable room, equipment type fans, exhaust pipes and other surrounding cracks are not well waterproofed; during the operation of the movable room, due to external conditions, the wind blows, avalanche, thermal expansion and contraction The deformation of the roof slab is formed, and the crack expansion of the lap joint is formed, and the damaged waterproof treatment is destroyed to cause water leakage.

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