Precautions for the use of Zhongnan container houses in summer

Update:04 07, 2020
Abst:The summer weather is relatively sultry, we need to pay attention to the followi...

The summer weather is relatively sultry, we need to pay attention to the following when using the Suzhou Zhongnan occupant container: adhere to the opening of the windows and doors, which is conducive to indoor and outdoor ventilation and ventilation, thereby reducing the indoor temperature, so that the indoor temperature will not be too high, causing people to be sultry. sense. If possible, you can sprinkle some cool water around the house, so that the landmark temperature is taken away by moisture evaporation, thereby reducing the indoor temperature.

The ability to install air conditioners is an effective way to relieve heat. The size and variety of air conditioners can be determined according to the size of the indoor area. When we choose the occupant container, in order to achieve the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, we should try to use high-quality color steel plate, the thickness of the plate should be as thick as possible, the interlayer filling of the color steel plate is very important, and flame retardant insulation materials should be used. Especially in summer, when the temperature is high, we must pay attention when we use electrical appliances to avoid fires. Regularly check the electrical wires to avoid fires caused by high temperature aging. Hope that these measures will allow us to spend a cool and safe summer.

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