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Update:20 06, 2020
Abst:With the development of the times, container mobile homes in the temporary const...

With the development of the times, container mobile homes in the temporary construction industry are increasingly used as temporary residences and office spaces in construction sites. There is a new type of house that can be quickly assembled. It takes only 2 hours to install an 18 square meter house, and it has been recognized by many customers, especially workers on construction sites. This kind of quick assembly (assembly) in the house industry is called "assemble container house". Houses that can be quickly assembled greatly increase the speed of people's housing construction, especially in places where it is not convenient to build houses. In the case of housing needs in a short period of time, such as earthquakes and flood relief, they can come in handy.

Most of the fast-installed houses are currently used on construction sites. They can be used as offices, dorms, kitchens, toilets, sentry boxes, etc., as well as temporary housing for road construction and temporary housing for municipal offices. It can also be used in large-scale event exhibition halls, lounges, toilets, etc., such houses can be easily transferred, and the displayed goods can be transferred together with the express consolidation room exhibition hall. It will not damage the exhibits and maintain the integrity of the exhibits.


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