Mobile public toilets advantages

Update:25 07, 2020
Abst:The public toilet revolution has been fruitful. Now, mobile public toilets can b...

The public toilet revolution has been fruitful. Now, mobile public toilets can be seen everywhere in tourist attractions, even streets and lanes, which brings great convenience to our urban life. Why are mobile public toilets so popular all over the world? This has a lot to do with the advantages of mobile public toilets.

1. Mobile toilets have small plasma

Every inch of land in the city, especially in recent years, the price of urban land has continued to rise, saving land is equivalent to saving costs, and mobile toilets have an advantage on the scale of urban planning.

2.Various toilet treatment methods

 The treatment methods of mobile toilets include water flushing and direct draining, water-free packaging mobile toilets, foam sealing, microbial degradation mobile toilets, etc. For occasions such as water shortage, water shortage or temporary use, users only need to follow their own Use the environment, to choose the appropriate processing method.

3.Fast construction of mobile toilets

A mobile toilet with three squatting positions + one management room + one handicapped room takes only one week from design to delivery. If it is mass production, the manufacturing time of separate mobile toilets can be shorter. Saving time does not mean saving money. Improved efficiency.

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