Precautions for the use of prefab house


It is strictly forbidden to use open flame in the prefa […]

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use open flame in the prefab house.
  2. The aisle stairs of double-layer or three-layer movable prefab houseare fire-fighting passages.
  3. The anti-theft performance of the movable board room is poor, and valuables are kept by themselves.
  4. Pay attention to the ventilation, ventilation and heatstroke prevention of the activity room.
  5. If the steel structure of the movable house is deformed or bent, please contact the prefab house manufacturer for replacement and maintenance in time.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle steel components, plates, adjusting rods and horizontal supports at will in the movable panel house.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to hit the wall or steel components.
  8. The wooden plywood of the activity room is strictly prohibited from long-term flooding.
  9. Overload protectors should be installed when using electrical appliances.
  10. Regularly check and maintain the circuit system to prevent fire caused by short circuit of the line.
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