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Update:23 01, 2020
Abst:Prior to the emergence of container houses, a series of problems caused by conge...

Prior to the emergence of container houses, a series of problems caused by congenital inadequacy of mobile house products, such as poor sound insulation, poor thermal insulation, poor thermal insulation, and poor fire protection, were not well resolved. Along with the appearance of container houses, the indoor configuration of mobile homes has been greatly improved. The advent of air conditioning has ensured the comfort of indoor conditions, and fire insulation materials have ensured safety. Although the price of the container is much more expensive, the container house can be rented, so the cost of short-term use is much cheaper than the average mobile house. These factors have replaced the type of mobile homes, and the materials used have also been greatly improved. In this way, the safety and performance of mobile homes built have been greatly improved.
The overall mobility of the container house guarantees the recycling and recycling of the container house, which is in line with the current trend of environmental protection and sustainable development. This replaces other mobile house products that must be developed in this area, and strive to develop and can be used repeatedly. Easy to install and remove environmentally friendly and economical mobile home.



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