The advantages of container house

Update:30 04, 2020
Abst:Due to the advantages of simple construction, convenient disassembly and fast tr...

Due to the advantages of simple construction, convenient disassembly and fast transportation, the occupant container has now become a temporary residence. Containers can be seen in engineering projects, accommodation of post-disaster personnel, street guards, access control rooms, etc. Therefore, the demand for occupant containers is large because they are often used in these occasions.

  1. temporary construction

The box house is the most common. In some projects, the container house is used as the residence of the workers; in remote villages, if the school is renovated, the container house will be used as a temporary classroom for children. At the same time, it also serves as a worker's residence; if a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, causes damage to residential houses, container houses can also be used as resettlement houses. Regardless of appearance and quality, container-type houses are better than traditional model houses.


  1. container house built

This is mainly used by some merchants to temporarily hold events and used as the command post of the event. You can take a look at some booths and exhibition venues. Box rooms have already replaced simple tents and the like, which is a more line-up display for merchants.

  1. used as storage

In this case, the shape design of the container box house will not be very high, nor is it used to live, as long as it is strong and moisture-proof. And it does not need to have characteristics such as high thermal insulation, and the requirements for the box house are relatively low.

  1. Office

This is mainly used in project projects, such as subway projects, in addition to being used as workers' residences. The office locations of these projects are also in these places. The requirements for containerized houses are low cost and convenient transportation. Now that the market is vast, there are projects to be built everywhere, and office box rooms are naturally very popular.

  1. for personal use

This category is the most design category in the container house, and also the category with higher specifications and standards. Friends who love architecture design often use box houses to design art cabins, and some even become tourist attractions, exclusive villas, etc. This demand also promotes the development of container houses in the direction of more comprehensive functions and higher design.

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