• How to build container mobile house? These details need to be considered!


    Many companies now need to arrange staff accommodation, especially construction companies, this is a must. However, the construction site’s house cannot be built too well, because it will be demolishe...

  • Two Story Container Houses


    Many people wonder why a 2 story container house would be a good choice for their new home. Well, the reason is simple. If you are looking to live in a small home with limited space, then a tiny conta...

  • Prefab house in Nepal


    First of all, the prefab house is a new type of light steel composite board house, with a reasonable combination of materials and steel structures. A very good safety effect can be achieved. The speci...

  • The Advantages of Modular House Systems


    What are modular homes? These homes are manufactured as a set and then put together into one complete building. In this article we will take a look at the top 10 advantages of modular homes. The first...

  • The future trend of container house


    Now that the cost of self-built houses is getting higher and higher, many people are focusing on living container house. Indeed, when we mentioned the container before, we thought it was loaded and us...

  • The Benefits of a Dormouse With a U Shape Container House


    The U shape is a perfect way to design your dormitory. If you are looking for the ideal dorm room design, then the U shape is probably one of the best ones you can use. More than just being a perfect ...

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