• What are the effects of using paint on containers and fireproof coating


    The main functions of paint on container house materials are corrosion protection, cathodic protection and shielding. 1. Corrosion inhibition effect: The rust prevention effect of the paint depends la...

  • Why choose a container house?


    Can be used multiple times. Normal disassembly and assembly is almost lossless. Under normal use and disassembly, the number of disassembly and assembly can reach 10 times. The design fully considers ...

  • How to identify the quality of the container


    In recent years, occupant container mobile homes have been widely loved by people because of their advantages such as fast construction, low-carbon environmental protection, wind resistance, and earth...

  • Singapore folding container house delivery


    Folding container house are shipped from the factory. Suzhou Zhongnan is a container manufacturer specializing in various kinds of sandwich panels, factory direct sales, and quality assurance.

  • Causes and Treatment of Water Leakage in Container House


    The use of container houses breaks the traditional application of mobile houses. It is fast, convenient, low cost and recyclable. At the construction site, we often see the figure of the container hou...

  • How should the container house be strengthened?


    For the temporary container house (living area, office area and construction site), it is necessary to consider strengthening the anti-typhoon before the typhoon comes, to ensure the overall safety of...

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