• Reinforcement ideas in the construction of two-story mobile container house


    The application of two-story movable container houses is becoming more and more common. During construction, the use of correct reinforcement ideas can ensure the smooth progress of the project and ca...

  • Container shop


    The container shop is also called mobile house store, and the wall board is made of corrugated board. The frame-type structure can be easily moved, and can be used in many forms of use such as pedestr...

  • Installation of windows for container mobile homes


    The installation of windows for container mobile homes is an indispensable product for houses. When using container mobile homes as temporary houses, it is also necessary to install windows to become ...

  • Steps of the container house installation and several major technical points of installation


    Step 1 The second-floor container house is similar to the building. When leveling the surroundings and the foundation of the partition wall, reinforced concrete or 24 bricks are required, which is rel...

  • Container house as resettlement house


    The previous container houses were simple and monotonous. Now the container transformation can be carried out very differently than before. Consumers can customize containers with individual creative ...

  • How container housing materials are processed


    Many people's interest in the manufacture of materials for container houses has different sizes and materials for different residential containers. Another aspect is that the material of the container...

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