Why do some tourist attraction choose container houses

Update:27 08, 2020
Abst:Container houses are mainly used in various distribution centers, and its market...

Container houses are mainly used in various distribution centers, and its market reserves are getting higher and higher. Manufacturing production is increasing year by year, which to some extent shows the market's recognition of this kind of product. It is not only popular in many suburbs to live in container houses. , And many high-end tourist attraction and resorts also have many mobile houses, so why do many tourist attraction choose popular container houses?

1. Removable

Stackable, divisible, removable, modular, easy and reliable to lock and connect. Traditional brick and cement buildings are produced in a single small batch. Container manufacturers claim that container modular houses can be mass-produced in factories using flow operations. The batch effect can make houses The construction cost is greatly reduced. Traditional buildings must first prepare the foundation to build the house from the foundation. The cost-effective container manufacturer claims that the container house can be produced in the factory and the foundation preparation can be carried out at the same time. In addition, the assembly is high in mechanization and the construction cycle is comparable to traditional buildings. Cut it by more than half.

People often inadvertently see some brightly colored container houses, which are the increasingly popular container houses. A container house can be transformed into a cozy house with windows and doors with a little modification. Compared with the traditional concrete and steel bar, this kind of container house has a unique and novel appearance, and is very mobile, so it is very popular nowadays.

2. Widely used places

Due to its low cost, fast construction cycle, reversible process, low carbon and many other advantages, such reliable container houses are widely used in various construction projects, such as transitional houses in disaster areas, temporary houses for large-scale competitions, and seasons in scenic areas. Sexual use houses, construction demolition and relocation houses, military barracks, battlefield hospitals, etc., although the shape and structure of the development are variable, the service life of container houses is the same.

3. Low construction difficulty

At present, although the rigid demand for such private container houses is large, the price is not high. It is not only a temporary shelter that can shelter from wind and rain. High-quality container houses have the necessary technical guidance and facilities and equipment, and they are not The limitations of capital and technology level, the high comfort of the container mobile house, and the hidden safety hazards have been solved one by one, which belongs to a higher level of development.

The reason why the scenic spot chooses the container house is to a certain extent because its structural design has become more diversified, the multi-layer structure design is more personalized, and the brand-new creative design brings people to the eye, and its design potential is huge. , The interior design can be completely based on the aesthetics of the source of visitors and the climate of the region, so it shines in major tourist attraction.

4. Convenient transportation

The construction of container houses is not affected by the weather and can be constructed day and night. Container manufacturers can ensure the delivery time. The use of high-strength steel structure and advanced anti-rust technology can increase the life of the house and have better seismic and fire resistance. The waste of materials is reduced by more than half compared to traditional buildings. Because professional container manufacturers have matured transportation technology, houses made of containers are very convenient and reliable regardless of land and sea transportation.

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