Why is EPS board so popular?

Update:18 02, 2021
Abst:As a new type of building decoration material for construction engineering, EPS ...

As a new type of building decoration material for construction engineering, EPS board has many advantages. It is not easy to be damaged by welcome operating temperature changes, is resistant to low temperature and high temperature; it is not easy to suffer from the hazards of damp and cold and acid rain, and it can also have The expected effect of fire safety is this.

The EPS board is made of high-density polyethylene. The raw material is relatively light. It can be operated by a person under the condition of transportation and installation. The raw material of plaster of paris is generally strong. The plaster of paris is very difficult. It gradually disappears. Sight. The surface of the EPS board has very good characteristics of waterproof, safety and fire protection, and corrosion resistance. There will be no gaps on the surface for long-term applications. The safety factor is high. It can be installed and applied in the room and outdoors. It is a green, ecological, environmental protection and environmental protection type. Decorative building materials have good expectations for thermal insulation.

It not only avoids the many difficulties and complicated manufacturing techniques of the traditional wall engineering project, architectural planning, design, decoration design, prefabricated components, prefabricated components in installation, internal corner patchwork, and high-altitude transportation, and greatly reduces the negative impact of climbing operations, and solves After the installation of the wall, the prefabricated components will inevitably cause many problems such as cold and deformation. This saves a lot of installation labor and cost for the project, and improves the installation work. The safety factor. The EPS board is connected and fixed by the steel structure of the main project and the embedded construction steel material. If the wire frame cracks due to the decoration design of the embedded construction steel design plan, it is likely to cause the wire frame to crack.

Due to the distinctive construction materials and operating procedures of EPS panels, it can save time and effort to carry out a one-man operating procedure. For very large prefabricated components, prefabricated components can also be installed, which solves the expected goal of thermal insulation.

In the part where the EPS board is to be installed, the border line or the center line of the dialog box will pop up in accordance with the engineering drawings of the construction project. The general model and specifications of the EPS board are all standard sizes. The model and specifications of the fiber line and fiber laser cutting should be followed as far as possible in the engineering drawing. Consider the gap caused by the patchwork. When pasting the EPS board, pay attention to the alkali-resistant grid cloth when turning over the package, if there are special circumstances, you can paste it immediately without turning over the package. It should also be noted that the chromatographic full paste method should be used when pasting, and a good adhesive must be used. When it is wet, squeeze it hard to let unnecessary adhesive overflow. Pay attention to the specifications and models of the adhesive seam, and maintain The natural environment on the surface of the eps wireframe is clean and tidy.

Secondly, for the installation of very large EPS panels, it is necessary to fully prepare the fixed brackets that will not change for a short period of time during the construction of the construction project. If you try to piece together the wire frame during the whole installation process, it should be prepared in advance. It is good to piece together the perspective and model specifications of the wireframe, and carry out trial assembly before installation, and see if you know if it can be pieced together, otherwise it will be very inconvenient to make changes after the construction project.

After the splicing is completed, check whether the gap is resolved properly, and the wire frame should be integrated and leveled. After dryness, check whether there is unnecessary mixed mortar in the gap of the patchwork, and if there is sandpaper, it will be smoothed. It is enough to treat the splicing gap with special glue for anti-cracking fiber in one step.

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