What is the role of modular container house

Update:14 12, 2019
Abst:Modular container house are more convenient, cheap and practical, and have high ...

Modular container house are more convenient, cheap and practical, and have high artistic value.

Compared with ordinary buildings, modular container house have the advantages of convenience, mobility, and high flexibility. A crane can easily change their position and assemble them into different units and shapes. Its advantage over ordinary mobile homes is that it can be used repeatedly. General mobile homes can only be disassembled and used a few times, while the service life of box rooms is almost permanent. Compared with fragile rock wool polystyrene boards, Its steel structure allows it to be repeatedly used dozens or hundreds of times in various project projects, and the box room made of pure steel also surpasses ordinary mobile homes in terms of quality, safety, fire resistance and comfort. Of course, the disadvantage is its price. The price of a ten-square-meter ordinary multi-purpose box room is about tens of thousands of yuan, while the price of a modular container house is about two to 80$ per square meter. The comfort of box-type rooms is better than that of ordinary mobile homes, but it is not comparable to ordinary permanent buildings. Water and electricity are used, and the room is ventilated. Therefore, box houses are suitable for some relatively remote areas that are not suitable for building construction. Projects with long duration projects, such as oil fields, coal mines, wind power, mining, etc. Of course, some construction companies with certain strengths will also choose modular container house as temporary housing for their construction projects.

1, high-end demand for temporary construction products at construction sites, such as office, accommodation, conference rooms, etc. of project managers;

2, the construction site is limited by the site, and can only install modular container house products;

3. Field operation room; such as: field exploration and construction mobile office, dormitory, etc.

4. Emergency rooms; such as: military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc. The overall hanging series houses have strong adaptability to the environment and are convenient for on-site installation. They can be used as temporary offices, accommodations, overall kitchens, bathrooms, etc. for medium and high-end requirements.

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